Considering Joining Us?
We know it’s a fairly daunting proposition to consider taking your old Minor out of the comfort of the UK, even more so if you’re embarking on a week long trip with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. But (with the exception of the Boyce’s, who’ve somehow managed to go on EVERY trip) we were all nervous newbies once, so we know how important it is to make you feel welcome and lend a bit of support. Here’s a couple of stories from other people on their first MOT’s, just to help put your mind at rest.
dionneDionne, York.
When I was 17 I bought a 1966 Morris called Horace. An annual highlight was to go on Minors on Tour. However life got in the way I lost touch! 20 years later, I booked a Eurocamp holiday in France. By accident I attended Minors on Tour once again. The same spirit, new faces, some old, I laughed till my face hurt, made incredible friends, saw old faces, felt wretched at all the years I had missed, but felt ecstatic to have found them again and bought a car when I got back! I hope to never miss it again!
liamLiam, Coventry.
As a first timer to MOT in 2015, I was initially reluctant to drive my slightly tatty two-door hundreds of miles down into the French countryside. This trepidation disappeared after about forty seconds of arriving on the beautiful site in Largentiere, where we were greeted with all the warmth and kindness as if we were old friends who’d been making the trip for many years. Over the week, I was blown away by the kindness of the MOTers, and had a thoroughly excellent few days driving around the Ardeche region of France. I’m very excited for next year’s trip already!
whoYou, UK.
Been on your first MOT trip in the last year or two? Enjoyed yourself, and want to encourage others to have a go too? Here’s your chance – email me a pic of the car AND you, plus about 100 words, via the Contact Us link on the site, and I’ll get your little story up here asap. Yup, 100 words isn’t a lot, but hey, if it was easy, you wouldn’t wanna do it would you?!
Still not convinced?
That’s not a problem – we’ll just have to work a bit harder. Firstly, are you a member of your local branch of the MMOC? After 34 trips, and with as many as 120 cars at a time, we’ve had people from just about every region in the country – the odds are pretty high that someone (or several someone’s) from you nearest branch have already been on MOT. They’ll almost certainly be able to put your mind at rest and answer any questions you still have, so stop by and ask. Don’t worry if you’re not a local member (though please remember that you must be a national member of the MMOC to attend) as every local branch is happy to welcome non-members for a couple of meetings to see if you like it.

If for any reason that doesn’t work, just drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with someone as close to you as possible to have a chat. You could even ‘buddy up’ with an experienced MOT’er to travel with, for anyone who is a little nervous about driving abroad.

About Minors On Tour

In 1983 The Morris Minor Owners Club ventured across the English Channel on its first overseas rally. No-one realised that this first tentative step into European motoring would evolve into a keenly anticipated and well attended annual jaunt for Minor owners and enthusiasts with a sense of adventure. From the small beginnings of a weekend in France, Minors On Tour (MOT) has developed a tradition of providing an enjoyable week-long camping holiday based around the late-May (Whitsun) Bank Holiday week.

As this time of the year is normally the school half-term break, MOT has become very much a family holiday, and year by year there has been a shift from those early days of adults in ‘pup-tents’ with just the most basic equipment that they could squeeze into their Minor, to trailer tents and caravans, catering not only for the Minor owners, but for the younger ‘Minorist’ as well. With the advent of on-site ready erected tents and mobile homes, MOT has developed further, allowing those who have ceased to find any comfort in ground level camping in confined spaces to continue to be part of the trip. Venues vary, but the majority of MOT’s have been somewhere in France, a land of many different cultures, customs, cuisine and countryside. From rugged northern coastline, through rolling ‘big sky’, mountains and canyons, to the azure seas of the Mediterranean, there seems to be a view round every turn in the road. Hundreds of regional culinary specialities, numerous smooth, tangy or strange looking cheeses, and varieties of wines and beers, far too many to count, delicious breads, tarts, cakes and pastries await your delectation.

Whilst France has had the pleasure of our company for the majority of MOT’s so far, there have been trips to The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland in the early days, and more recently to Germany. The future? So many MMOC members, both from the UK and from mainland Europe, regularly take part in MOT that, as long as someone is prepared to organise this now traditional part of Minoring life, it is impossible to foresee a year without it.

Usually alternating annually between long and short distance trips, MOT is very much a do-as-you-please affair. In the early days, discount block booked ferry crossings meant that the trip started with everyone meeting on Dover dockside. However, the advent of Eurotunnel, and the now highly competitive nature of ferry travel, inevitably saw the demise of cheap crossings to France. Participants now book their preferred method and time of travel, and are free to arrive and leave the campsite when they please.

Whilst thare are various things organised during the week of MOT, some of which you can see by clicking on ‘What We Do On MOT” on the linkbar on the right, nothing is compulsory, you are free to do what you wish. Some of the events are intended to raise money for charity, and are hopefully entertaining, so your involvement would be welcomed.

This website was started in the year of the 21st MOT, and by it’s very nature will never be finished. It is intended to be a record of all of the previous overseas trips, and we need the help of all previous participants to built it into something that the Morris Minor Owners Club, and those who have enjoyed the experience of MOT, will be proud of. Whether you have been on an MOT, or you have yet to take the plunge, please feel free to leave your comments on this or any other page.

MOT is a holiday for members of the Morris Minor Owners Club. If you are a Morris Minor owner but not yet a member of the Club, have a look at the MMOC website for membership details and a whole lot more. We hope that you enjoy exploring this website, and urge you to log on regularly, as the site will be updated frequently. Keep an eye on ”Thinking of coming’ section as details will be published when they become available.

Who We Are

Minors On Tour is a huge undertaking each year, and many many people put in a lot of effort into making sure it runs smoothly. Well, smooth-ish… The following Rogues Gallery comprises mug shots of some of the people you should be avoiding looking out for.


Helen & Pete Cosslett

Helen and Pete are the trip organisers for 2017 in conjunction with Chris and Helen Kinloch


Chris & Helen Kinloch

Chris & Helen are the trip organisers for 2017 in conjunction with Helen and Pete Cosslett


Andrew Stone & Kirsty G

Andrew looks official but does nowt. Kirsty is a bit like Ali G, but less cool, and is running the raffle!


Mike Dean

Webmanager, Auctioneer, general all round trouble maker


Bruce Kelsey

Full time minder for Mike. Part time minder for the bar. General dogsbody.


Andrew Dyer

2016 Trip Organiser, party animal, bar propper upper


Ash Holmes

Trip Organiser (retired, but still going strong anyway!)


Pam Holmes

Trip Organiser (retired, but still going strong anyway!)


Graham & Jenny Ryder

Organisers for the Charity Raffle. Dunno who cut their heads off!


Amy and Chris Egan

Amy designs the annual logo, both help with the on-site bar. They don’t know yet though.


Chris and Lil Ryder.

Run the on-site bar. They don’t know either. Chris helps break people’s cars and his own.


All the Portwoods – Lynn, Dave, Pippa, and Jessica – organise Le Quiz. Also act as my auction porters ;o)


Chris & Anne Bush

Organisers for Le Walk, which I know absolutely nothing about because I’m busy that day


Bill Reed

Bilingual Bill provides translation for things like garage services, dentists, getting discounts, etc


Jonathon Fletcher

Responsible for creating all the prizes for best cars etc., supported by Guy Allen


Martin Wallis

Coordinates lists of all spare parts carried and spare parts delivery in France.


Dave & Jackie Walker

Manage Le Auction finances. Duck when I throw the gavel.


Brian & Sue Springall

Organisers for Le Drive, the annual attempt to gridlock the local French road network.


Brian Fletcher

Does the judging for best cars of the event so worth bribing. Not that that’s worked for me.


Tomkins & Assoc.

Leads the ‘young ones’ into ever more irreputable behaviour. Drinks too much. Ugly, too.

Where We’ve Been
Minors On Tour has now been running for THIRTY FOUR years, during which we’ve been to Germany (twice), Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Switzerland, as well as more than twenty trips into France. Below is a ‘live’ map showing all the places MOT has ended up, which you can zoom in on and scroll around to get an idea of the area’s that have looked after us. Each blue ‘pin’ represents a destination, and clicking on the pins will give you a link to the web page that details that particular vist (where reports are available). This year we’re off to La Garangeoire, in the beautiful Vendee. Why not come with us!?
Click the pins below to see all the places MOT has already been to
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