MOT+ 2015

MOT+ 2015
For those who want to go just that little bit further…
About MOT+

The basic concept of MOT+ came about in 2013, the centenary year of Morris. A French charity – the Kiwanis – organise a car rally every year on the shores of Lake Nantua, just a hop and skip from Geneva, and reached out to Minors On Tour to see if we’d be interested in joining them for their rally. That message came through to me and I put word round, but unfortunately that year’s MOT was in Granville, about as far away as you could be from Nantua and still be in France. There was also the small matter of a full week between MOT ending and the Nantua show, so there wasn’t a huge amount of interest. In the end, there were only going to be three cars – Bruce Kelsey with his tourer, Brian Samways with his SII, and me with my Traveller. Soon after plans began, we decided it was too arduous for Brian’s car, and a TR6 was substituted.

MOT+ 2013 wasn’t overly ambitious – drive down from Granville to Ruffec for a few days, then over to spend a couple of days in the Swiss Alps and take in the Grimsel, Furka, and Susten passes  before looping round to the Saint Bernards Pass and back past Mont Blanc to the show at Nantua. It actually turned out to be a bit of a debacle, with one of the party going sick on the way across France, the TR6 coming 1000 miles to meet us from Lincolnshire and then falling off a mountain with only two miles to go, and the tourer catching fire on the way into Italy. The Traveller suspension eventually gave up, since each time we lost another car, it ‘inherited’ their luggage and passengers! We came home and licked our wounds, rewired the tourer, bought the TR back from the insurer and rebuilt it, and repaired the Traveller. Then we set about planning another assault on Europe, and this time we meant business.


Magazine Article


After much collaboration and not a few beers, we’ve managed to compile a ‘Trip Review’ from MOT+ 2015, and turned it into one of those clever flipbook things for you to view here. However, we’re hoping it will be published in one of the classic car magazines, so at the moment it isn’t available here. In the meantime, read the praise heaped upon it by various literary pundits below.

If you don’t stop phoning me I’m calling the Police
50 shades of ZZZzzz… Absolute drivel
Who are you, and how did you get this phone number?
Ah what the hell, it’s been a quiet week…


MOT+ 2015 Road Map

The pins on the map represent each of our overnight stops, ranging from our fabulous apartment in Cannes to a casino in Belgium. The routes between the stops aren’t shown – Google Maps won’t plot a route over roads that are currently blocked by snowfalls. Should you for some reason be interested in recreating our route drop me a line and I’ll map it for you.

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